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The work of drafting standards is done within the technical committees or mirror committees set up by ASN. Most of the standards published by ASN bear the code “NS (Senegalese standard)”. The standard is developed through the process involving: a committee: a broad group of experts nominated by organizations with an interest in the content and application of the standard. A Public Inquiry: submit the draft for review and allow anyone interested to comment. Consensus: principle according to which the content of the standard is decided on the basis of a general agreement involving as many members of the committee as possible, rather than a majority vote. This process reinforces the authority of the standard and contributes to its acceptance by a wide range of people likely to be interested in its application. Like the standardization bodies, ASN has drawn up and adopted working documents inspired by ISO/IEC guide 21 on the national adoption of international and other standards and the ISO/IEC Directives:

− ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1: Procedures for the development of ISO international standards.

− ISO/IEC Directives, Part 2: Rules for the structure and drafting of International Standards.

Indeed, standardization activities at the national level are governed by the following working documents:

− Procedures on the development, adoption, revision and cancellation of national standards

− Working instruction on the competence criteria of the president and members

− Work instruction on the roles and responsibilities of the president and the members of the technical committee

− Working instruction on the selection of members of the Senegalese delegation for participation in international meetings

− Standard subject proposal and stakeholder identification forms

− Model action plan for the creation of a technical committee.


These working documents are available on request from the ASN documentation department and are subject to periodic revision.

Standard development process

How to become a member of a technical committee?

On request by writing to ASN General Management, Avenue Jean Jaures, Building El Hadj Omar DIA, 6th floor - Sandaga / Dakar; Phone. : 33 829 5825 01 BP 4037 Dakar, specifying your company name, your complete address and the names and qualifications of your representatives, including a holder and a substitute.

To date, 591 standards distributed as follows have been developed and adopted.

69 in the electrical engineering field

93 in the field of building, civil engineering

200 in the food industry

58 in the field of the environment

4 in the field of administration and commerce

62 in the field of chemistry

3 in the field of textiles

20 in the field of solar energy

5 in the field of domestic energy

24 in healthcare

46 in the field of water and sanitation

3 Standards in the field of financial services (CONOBAFI)

9 UEMOA Standards in the field of Management