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ASN certification: what?

Certification of conformity of a product, service or system to a given standard is the issuance of an affirmation based on a decision indicating that compliance with the specified requirements has been demonstrated by a third party relating to an object of the evaluation of compliance with the exception of accreditation. (ISO17000)

Certification is a useful instrument which, by demonstrating that your product or service meets the expectations of your customers, reinforces your credibility. In some sectors, it is even a legal or contractual obligation.

Certification is also referred to as third-party conformity assessment.

ASN has set up an independent certification system for economic operators to provide customers and consumers with proof of the quality of products and services, which will be materialized by the affixing of a national mark (NS – QUALITE SENEGAL), whose the right of use is granted only when the results of the tests carried out within the laboratories accredited for this purpose, as well as the investigations carried out within the companies and companies of production and service will have proved conclusive.

ASN certification: why?

Stand out from the competition

Publicize and recognize their efforts

Control and improve performance

Strengthen its competitiveness and brand image and gain market share

Demonstrate its know-how and add value to its activities

Structure your organization and gain efficiency

ASN certification: achievements?

Certification of drinking water for which ASN is accredited

220 certificates of conformity issued in 2020 as part of the fight against covid 19

Operationalization of a hydro-alcoholic gel certification program

Certification of fiberglass reinforcements

Operationalization of certification programs on admixtures, mortars and paint