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The Institute for Standardization and Metrology of Islamic Countries (SMIIC/SMIIC) is a strong mechanism for the harmonization of standards among the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and for the preparation of new standards. It aims to achieve harmonized standards in the OIC Member States and eliminate technical barriers to trade and thus develop trade among the countries. SMIIC currently has 49 members including Senegal.

It will set up certification and accreditation systems with a view to accelerating the exchange of materials, goods and manufactured products within the Member States, starting with the mutual recognition of certificates.

SMIIC currently has 18 Technical Committees which cover several areas:

CCA SMIIC Committee on Standards for Conformity Assessment

TC1 Halal food questions

TC2 Questions about halal cosmetics

TC3 Service Site Questions

TC4 Energy efficiency and renewable energies

TC5 Tourism and related services

TC6 Agricultural products

TC7 Transport

TC8 Leather and tanning materials

TC9 Textiles and related products

TC10 Halal Supply Chain

TC11 Halal management systems

TC12 Transport of dangerous goods

TC13 Jewelery

TC14 Petroleum and related products

TC15 Terminology Committee

TC16 Halal Pharmaceutical Issues

TC17 Craft

+In addition to a Metrology Committee (MC) and an Accreditation Committee (AC).

The work of the committees in standardization, metrology and accreditation has resulted in the publication of more than twenty standards relating to the requirements of Halal foods and guidelines for Halal certification and accreditation, but also on other topics.