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The Senegalese Association for Standardization (ASN) is a beneficiary of the Affiliate Country Program of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which is the main global organization that develops International Standards for everything related to electricity, electronics and related technologies and which also manages third-party conformity assessment systems for these electrotechnical products.


These conformity assessment systems are the largest multilateral agreements in force based on unique product testing accepted worldwide.


It is in this context that the "IEC ACAS Declaration" commitment was signed by ASN in December 2019. By signing this declaration, Senegal officially marks its acceptance at national level of certificates of conformity and test issued within the conformity assessment systems of the IEC.

Thanks to the signing of this agreement, ASN has secure access to the online database of IEC test certificates, which enables it to authenticate all the certificates issued within the framework of these test systems. conformity assessment, including the IECEE.

In terms of specific advantages, they make it possible to guarantee that only safe and good quality equipment and services are sold to consumers and industry, in particular for imported electrotechnical goods.

This is why, aware of the fundamental role of IEC International Standards and its conformity assessment systems for market opening and quality assurance, the Minister of Petroleum and Energy and the Minister of Finance and Budget have issued Interministerial Order No. 010158 of May 28, 2020, requiring importers and distributors to show that the products concerned by the exemption from value added tax have been certified as compliant with the IEC international standards applicable by the presentation of a certificate of conformity from a certification body (CB) that is part of the IEC Conformity Assessment Systems to  ASN, which will take care of the authentication using the online database IEC test certificates.

ASN, therefore, through the National Electrotechnical Committee CEN_Sn, will act as the structure responsible for issuing a discharge to certify the authenticity of these certificates and the test reports from the test laboratories (CBTL) presented by suppliers or importers who want to benefit from this VAT exemption.


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