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A formal request is sent to ASN

The general rules for the mark, the specific product certification regulations and a technical information form are sent by ASN to the applicant. The company undertakes to comply with the certification reference system and accepts the financial regime.

A review of the file and possibly an on-site visit is carried out in order to check the feasibility of the file. An on-site audit of the company is scheduled and carried out.

Product sampling followed by tests and analyzes will be carried out on product samples according to the requirements of the applicable certification reference system and sent to a competent laboratory approved by ASN. In view of the results of the tests and the audit of the documented quality system, an evaluation report is presented to the specific certification committee, for opinion and certification decision. The ASN General Management issues the final decision on whether or not to grant the certificate of conformity and the right to use the NS-Quality conformity mark on the product. An on-site audit is scheduled periodically to verify the results of the self-check carried out by the company. The right to use the quality conformity mark is either renewed or withdrawn based on the results of the follow-up audit, the test results and the follow-up audit report. The certificate is renewable every 3 years.

General Rules of the NS-Quality Mark Certification Procedure